How's Your Running ?

On 14th May Mitch from StrideUK asked if I could help with a full video gait analysis, testing out the new software. I was fortunate to be invited to the intuitive, client friendly lab to measure and video my running technique. 

I met Mitch and his team at the Brighton Expo in April where they measured my cadence. Although I was aware it would be high, I didn't think it would be greater than Haile Gebrselassie. Mitch was curious about my running career to date and how I condition myself to run such very long distances. 

So we figured I would be a good candidate to model as an ultra athlete. 

"If you've had your running technique analysed before and it's with any company other than StrideUK, then think again. Unlike 99% of all other running stores in the UK offering video gait analysis service, StrideUK stand proud to be one of the very few video gait analysis companies that analyse the whole body instead of just your feet.

Since launch in August 2008, StrideUK's clientele has grown quickly due to being one of the very few Video Gait Analysis companies that pay strict attention to how the entire body performs during the process of running. Without promoting one particular running style for all, StrideUK are there to fine tune each and every ones running technique... individually."


I cannot recommend StrideUK highly enough. Their accurate and very detailed analysis of my own personal technique will only help me to condition for the better in the long term. Click the video link here.

Analysis results:
Clinical Running Video

To find out more visit and follow on twitter @theStrideGroup 


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