The Alpha Earth Runners sandal

This Saturday I will run my first overseas Ultra Marathon. The Florida Keys 100 and 50 mile race takes you down Highway 1 from Key Largo through all the Keys, the famous seven mile bridge, then onto Key West to the finish. I am running the 50 mile race from Marathon Key to Key West.

After a smooth journey with British Airways direct to Miami, accompanied by my crew, Sunday and sister Sam, I am slowly adjusting to the warmer weather and sunshine. Now we are into day two of the trip.

I have travel quite often, so I stayed awake until 11pm local time, on the day of arrival to help adjust to the five hour time difference. A short 3 mile run along the board walk on the beach yesterday has helped prepare for what is to come....

I found I sweated more but I welcomed the warmer sunshine of 29C. The harsh, long winter back home really has been rather depressing and running in shorts and vest is just the best feeling.

I have stayed well hydrated with lots of water, added salt on my food, Vita CoCo coconut water and water-dense fruits and vegetables. I can only hope that staying hydrated will be my best and option to get through the 50 miles safely. I have Suceed! S!Caps (salt tablets) for once I really start to heat up and shall be carrying my UltraAspire Surge vest from The Ultra Marathon Running Store along with my Nuun electrolyte water and snacks.

My choice of running footwear for the race will be the Earth Runners Alpha sandal. Check out my recent blog of these great new minimalist running sandals.

My cousins Elaine and Craig shall be making their way to Key West, from their home town in Lake Mary near Orlando. They will be meeting my crew at the half way station, on race day tomorrow.

I am really excited to be one of the few UK runners taking part in this event and to have my support crew and family experience it with me too.

I am looking forward to a once in a lifetime experience to run free in one of the most scenic routes of the United States.

Watch me live on RunKeeper or keep up to date via my Facebook and Twitter profiles. (Please note the runkeeper Live maybe intermittent throughout the race due to my wifi signal)

Departing Miami, Florida Keys here we come....


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