FLORIDA KEYS 50 VIDEO: 9.5 miles to go

Ahead of the full race blog from the Florida Keys 50 Ultra, this is a video to give you some idea of how I was feeling in the 31C heat with no shade for over 9 hours.

Endurance racing is as much about support as the challenge of getting to the finish line itself.  More on that in my race blog.

UK support crew (Sunday and sis Sam) worked hard to keep me hydrated, fuelled and comfortable while my US cousins made the long trip down from Lake Mary, near Orlando to give me much needed moral support, including running a couple of miles with me too!

A BIG thank you to everyone that supported me online via Facebook, Twitter and BOSH Run.  My crew kept me updated with your comments, it means a lot.

Full report to follow next week.

Click here to view video


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