In 2012 the 209events started the half marathon route to add to the popular South Downs Relay and marathon event.

This has given a wide range of options and turns the day into a festival of running - with spectators and participants staying all day and enjoying picnics on the grass at the finish under Butser Hill, this really does feel like a festival.

Ultra Luke, Tina and Ultra Steve

Starting below Butser Hill at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield, the half marathon follows a route through the Country Park then across fields to the Village of Chalton before picking up the Sussex Border Path, bringing you to the South Downs Way. The route then joins the Full Marathon route running west for 4 miles on the South Downs Way back through QE Park to the finish.

500 runners mingling at the start

With friends Steve and Tina we make it to QECP with a good thirty minutes to spare. It is just as well.... I left my timing chip in the envelope at home. I luckily get a replacement chip at the race HQ, although I need to use a new number instead, but at least my race can be timed and recorded now...

The new race bib number

Over 500 runners start the half marathon event this morning...

Once we set off down the thick grass, up the steep slope to our right, to make up that extra 0.1 of a mile it feels like?.... then back towards the gate and the underpass. 

Onto wooded trails before going past the cafe and then across the park road up onto the Sussex Border Path.

Five miles in 

After leaving the woods and over a stile the route opens out to open fields and some steady flat tracks...

It doesn't last too long before meeting a few more climbs and cutting back into woodland trails and bridle paths. 

The route is marked well with easy to spot arrows and marshals to guide us along the right path...

The route map

I jog and power walk some of the steeper climbs then make up time by racing the flat and downhill when possible. I feel quite warmed up by eight miles and keep hold of a water bottle from the second aid station.

Nature calls when on the climb back to meet the South Downs Way. I dive into the woods, which has cost me a minute or so...

55th Position 1:48:01

Once back on the familiar South Downs Way the track meets a Wiggle Cycling event coming in the other direction. Luckily not too many bikes bunched together and they share the country lane with consideration to us. 

The route leads undulating back into woodland and then eventually for the last mile mostly down hill back to QECP. 

I pick up some pace and manage to make this the fastest mile into the park. 

Other Marathon relay runners start to sprint past me to smash some fast times.

Just some climbs then...

By 11:45 I run fast out of the woods passing the cafe again and then the under path that reaches the park back to the finish. 

Lots of supporters and running clubs are all here cheering on the relays and marathon runners that are starting to come in too..

I sprint as best I can but in the thick grass it isn't the easiest way to finish. 

I still feel strong enough that I could carry on, which is a good indication where my current fitness is at since picking up injuries of a DNF (did not finish) end of April at Hardmoors 160.

Another piece bling for this years collection 

I am pleased with a 1hr 48min finish and no niggles or any trips or falls during the race. 

I catch up with Tina, change into my winning tee and catch up with other running friends that are drawn to the big event today. 

Mile splits 

Steve comes in just over 2hrs and is looking strong and pleased with himself.


By around 13:30 running friend Nuala comes in finishing her 100th marathon,  which now makes her an official 100 Marthon Club runner!

Nuala all smiles coming in to finish her 100th marathon 

Congratulations to Nuala making the 100 marathon club!

It just goes to show that even at 50 years old anything is possible....if you put your mind to it...

What a superb Wonder Woman!

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