'Events organised by Runners for Runners. We want all of our races to be the kind of event we would like to enter ourselves. Low key, affordable and most importantly enjoyable.
Sussex Trail Events are Chris, Danny and Jay we are all triathletes and runners and between us have run races from 5k to 250 miles and everything in between'

I parked nearby on Lancing Green and took the short walk along the prom to the start at the Coast Cafe Bar on the seafront.

The evening is muggy with dark skies and already drizzle has made the ground damp. Not the best summer conditions for mid August...

Numbers are collected in alphabetical order, so I am lucky number three. Jay gives me my bib and tells me we shall catch up later after the run.

Bosh Runners

I drop my bag which has a change of shoes and jacket for afters. 

I do not often run 10k races, but as this is a local event from organisers I have got to know through the ultra scene and past events, it is a good way to experience the other side of running.

The race filled up just last week to the maximum of 300 in total. Impressive for a first race of this kind. I think that is the attraction for everyone. 

The race will begin shortly after high tide at 7pm and all we need to do is run along the shoreline as fast as possible, making it back in time, before the high tide! 

I catch up with local running friends and the Bosh runners, I also chat with a few ultra runners who decided to give this a go too! 

The time passes quickly and soon enough we have a quick brief of the race and then head down the pebbles to the sea...

Blowy and Cloudy

After a slight delay waiting on the tide to go out, the stronger winds seemed to be the problem here. We set off as fast as possible, sprinting along the wet sand, dodging puddles and stones the best we can...

266 Runners attend the start

The front pack runners tear off at lightning speed. Most are elite club runners from the South East and South Coast.

Lots of spectators are cheering us along on the beach and really enjoying the display of sprinting runners, fast approaching...

Eye spy Supergirl Sarah Sawyer behind me...

I get carried away with the fast group and forget that I am running 6:20min/mile, so ease off on the gas to keep my energy for the return leg.

Dark Skies and Dark Sands

After keeping an eye on my footing and reaching the marshals, which guide us back up the pebbles and onto the promenade. Its just over 1.40 mile on the route, then smooth and flat cycle path along Lancing Green and the beach huts.  

I can feel myself getting quite warm in the humid and look forward to some breeze for the way back!

Just before the switch back (photo by Jon Lavis)

I try my best to pick up the pace and start to feel better on the flat. I catch up with some of the front pack runners and gradually over take a few.

At 3 miles and approaching the switch back I can see running friends Steve, Tina and Nik at the water stop. They are doing a grand job handing out water cups and cheering us all on...

It's hard to stop and turn at the same time running this pace, but I manage a smile and thank you to Steve as I grab a water cup, before spilling it all down my chin. I hand the cup to Jay who is further along...

Once heading back the way we came along the cycle path. I see the other runners fast approaching in the other direction. I thumbs up and say well done to Sarah, Nuala, Helen, Leonie, Lisa, Marina, Nick and Michelle as I pass them...

25th Place 43:32

Once back at Lancing and passing the beach huts, back onto the pebbles and beach. Then along the wet sand for the final leg to the finish.

I dodge puddle pools, seaweed and stones the best I can, but its not that easy. 

I cannot remember the last time I trained or raced a 10k tempo run. It's not my speciality and I just feel like I am warming up. 

The sand feels inclined running back and the headwind has slowed me to a 7:20min/mile pace...

Once the Cafe is in view again and the cheers can be heard, we follow markers back up the rolling pebbles and to the finish. 

My slowest mile was the last back to the finish...

After collecting my medal, cooling down and drinking some water. I watch the other runners coming into the finish and catch up with everyone. 

We had a really good run and everyone loved the idea of beating the tide! 

I stay for a drink at the bar, catching up with Steve, Tina, Nick and Michelle.

Lisa tells me her exciting news that she will be training for her first 100 miler at South Downs way next year. I put her mind at ease about running long and look forward to seeing her out on the route come next June!

It is good to chat with Chris and Jay after the event and thanking them for a successful and enjoyable evening. 

I look forward to the next Sussex Trail event the Downs Link Ultra

Ultra Luke

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