HELLO 2014

Tradition is to run on New Year's Day, no matter what the weather brings. 

Still we have heavy rain battering the country, and the return of high winds again. This is the welcome start of 2014...

Brighton has 20mph winds and the rain hasn't stopped all morning. I'm ready for a training run and actually looking forward to the refreshing start of the year! 

My SealSkinz socks are still damp from my bike ride yesterday in heavy rain so I figured I would try the plastic bag trick. They may not keep the damp out but it should be an improvement to numb feet from the bike. 

With compression tights, two pairs gloves, a beany hat, then rain cap, thermal layer and waterproof jacket. I think I am set to head out....

I stay to the left of Marine Parade to shelter from the wind. It still pushes from all directions but must be better than the seafront side...

I head up the public footpath across Roedean and up to the trail that heads past East Brighton golf course. 

The wind is still strong but more tame than by the sea. The track is muddy and heavy with puddles but not as bad as I had expected.

I enjoy the route and my beats reaching 3 miles then the racecourse. I head over Downland road then cut through Warren road before going down hill on Falmer road. 


Not sure these bags are holding

As much as I would love a downs run, I am saving this for when the wind and rain is softer...

The road has flooding in parts and I stay to the pavement until taking the cut through to Ovingdean. Enjoying the down hill pace, until coming out to open fields on Greenways. The force of the wind and rain hits my face hard.

Ovingdean ponies

My buff has no protection as it is soaked through, I am just inhaling water with each breath. The rain feels like sharp needles against my skin.

Once I reach Marine Drive I stay to the inland side to shelter some of the wind. Although it knocks me flying in both directions, the gusts push me from behind and quicken my pace. 

I have a permanent smile edged on my face! The puddles are deep like a stream and now the plastic bags on my feet have pulled up around my ankles. I tuck them under my tights, then my cap flips off my head and into the main road. 

I wait for a gap in the traffic and chase my cap down the middle of the road, chuckling to myself what I am doing. I head onto the seafront pathway and tighten my cap. 

Big waves and moody skies

The winds push me so much faster, I reach the Marina in no time and then the last stretch, home arrives quickly enough. 

I have only spotted two other brave runners along the front today, we nod and smile, then thumbs up. 

The view to the sea is huge choppy waves, crashing onto the stones with grey dark clouds above. 

Grabbing a picture with my phone is probably a harder task than running in the high winds. Gripping my phone with a claw hand the best I can.

Nice little route

Soon enough I reach home and have covered just over 9.5 miles. Not bad considering the conditions, but shorter than planned had the weather been more pleasant. 

Feeling great and refreshed, the legs are still strong after the bike ride yesterday. 

A very nice on and off road to start the year...

Hello 2014...

Run Free


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