First look: The SEO7R uses a smart light technology that can be dimmed from 15%-100% light beam on memory. An advanced light focus, choosing between a flood beam or sharp focus long distance spot beam. This high end headlight is packed with features, making it a perfect choice for any runner, during the longer darker months, whether in poor lit areas or complete off-road running

'Serious lighting power, fashionable colour options and appealing designs. Each SEO model is lightweight, houses both white and red LEDs and packed full of amazing features. The headbands are anti-allergic, easily removable, washable and changeable for new designs (available as accessories). Technologies featured include LED Lenser's Advanced Focus System for spot - flood beam selection and OPTISENSES active light measurement technology'

Lenser with rechargeable USB battery

Fortunate enough to be able to test the SEO7R, but with little night running in my schedule I have only just had the opportunity. Easily pressing the top soft click button to select from red to high beam light mode, I select full beam then hold and press the button until the light dims to around 70% beam. Enough to see in poorly lit streets and also enough light for complete darkness. I wanted to see the potential of the dimmer to preserve battery life but then also for when out in complete blackness away from rural areas I can see the maximum flood beam results another time.

Comfortable and washable headband. 220lm beam

USB Rechargeable- Smart Light Technology (SLT):100% | Dim Memory 15% – 100% | Signal
- Advanced Focus System (AFS):Homogenous flood beam, or sharply focused long distance beam spot
- Optisense Technology: Automatic Dimming Function
- Rotating Head- Glare-free Red LED Light- Washable / Exchangeable Headband- Transport Securing Mechanism- High Comfort Level- Low Weight

LED: 1x High End Power LED (white) / 1x High End Power (red)
Weight: 105 g
Lumens: 220 lm | 20 lm
Batteries: 1 x Lithium ion pack
Note: Can be used with 3x AAA batteries
Energy tank: 3.2 Wh**
Burning life: 5 hours | 20 hours
Beam range: 130 m | 40 m
Waterproof level: IPX4

I head along the seafront towards the Marina then to the cliff under pathway which is very dark and only lit by the sky. I can see for a good 30+ metres with the beam head angled straight ahead in original position, then a more sharp and clear focus with the beam head angled down slightly as you can see in the pictures below (ipone5). I am uses AAA batteries. The solid unit seats snugly and tight above my running cap, and the headband can be adjusted easily for comfort. Slightly larger unit than my Petzl light so does feel slightly chunky and heavier. 

Light angled in original position looking ahead on 70% spot beam

Light angled down on 70% beam away from street lights in darkness

Light angled in middle position on 70% spot beam, away from street lights on trail

I found the focus very clear and sharp and the detail clarity very good for stones and debris on asphalt and grass. Now I am unsure if it was from wearing my cap or the actual spot beam light, but there is an outer halo ring around the sides of the light (light dial turned halfway to spot beam). Although slightly distracting on first use, I did get used to this after a few miles running. I will have another test soon with the spot beam and try to adjust to see if this is less noticeable on a higher strength beam or the flood feature. 

I am really intrigued to see the battery power with both the AAA batteries and the rechargeable USB pack. I will leave the light set as it is and only use the full flood feature once out in complete darkness off road to test the potential. 

To be continued...

Today I discovered from a friend who works with lighting, that the halo ring effect is from where I had the light dial turned to focus the spot beam feature. If turned back to zoom the light out it will be less noticeable.

Winter100 race update: Using a fully charged usb rechargeable battery in the head torch I was set to go for good period in darkness during the night section of the race. However on a 60-70% beam and within 3hours the light died on me and I had to use my replacement PETZL TIKKA2 until I reached the next aid station. The team helped me add 3xAA batteries and I was good to go. However, again, within 3hours the light died and this time i could only use my iphone torch to guide me to the next stop to change batteries again. 

Whether it was the damp cold and temperatures of 3c draining the power, I am not sure but over all for the cost of the SE07 I would of hoped it could perform to at least the 5hours minimum as stated. 

Rather disappointed as this cost me fair few minutes changing lights and replacing batteries too soon into the night.

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  1. Good review, have a LED Lenser h7r.2 headlamp and I use it for night fishing and its never let me down, its so handy


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