WORTHING 20 MILER: 10/03/13

Today this race consists of 4x five mile loops of road and pavement just off the seafront making it perfect as a training run for Brighton and London Marathons.The conditions are dry today but with bitter cold winds and a top temperature of 3C. Winter is still determined to hang on that little bit longer....

08:20:  Making the way up the pathway to the starting tent area in The Goring Gap field, Sunday, my partner spots some familiar blue wristbands that is our BOSH Facebook running group.

We say: 'Hi Boshers' as we see everyone. Scott, Sandra, Karen, Mark, Liz, Stu, Martin, Mark and Chloe are all here. I get to meet Journo Fiona from SheRunsSheWrites and backing the Mizuno campaign that myself and other running bloggers have been tweeting. We all chat shoes, my wacky smoothies (Jamie Oliver style required) training and how fast the Brighton Marathon is approaching. 

After some pictures by our photo guy Sunday and last minute toilet breaks we all head over towards the starting point. It is really cold now and the wind is in full force, blowing a gale through the field. 

Wishing all the Boshers the best I tell them I can't wait long at the end as I am working the night shift tonight. Chloe jokes 'you will be home, showered and fed the time I finish Luke'.  As we start off we shuffle through until going over the chip mats. Picking up pace we head on down back to the main road and left onto Marine Drive. 

Mile 1-5: (pace)
7:30 7:06 6:52 6:44 6:41

The front pack move off quickly, I over take around the right side of the bunched up group, which seems the best option to settle into a comfortable pace.  I figure to take it easier on the first two laps, see how I feel for the third and then pick up pace for the last lap. I have my first 100 mile run in 13 days so I really can't afford to over stress my legs with racing at a sprint today. 

The road goes passed residential houses then onto Marine Crescent. Lots of marshals in high visibility yellow jackets are dotted at road junctions, stopping any traffic as we approach. Once reaching George V Avenue it is left and then straight ahead. I see Bosher Scott and have a laugh and joke when over taking. At the end of the road we are advised to turn left onto Goring road. More marshals cheer and direct the runners across roads and junctions safely. 

The route passes many more residential houses, pubs and shops for over a mile. The road bends around the right still on Goring road and then back to the left through more residential areas. I take a cup of water at the aid station and have a few gulps thanking the support. 

Approaching 4 miles the route is left onto Sea Lane, where the houses are bigger and far between, Goring Gap can be seen to the left. Marshals signal us down the lane and then reaching Marine drive once again,  it's straight ahead through the first lap counter, over the mat with a bleep. I see on the clock 35 minutes has passed. 

LAP 2:
Mile 6-10: (pace)
6:53 6:40 6:28 6:31 6:34

One down three to go! Passed the cheering spectators and Sunday taking pictures on Marine drive, I approach a water stop and drink a cup when passing through. I am feeling strong and my pace has stayed fairly steady, so I push on a bit quicker after 7 miles in. Passing the same marshals again, clapping and calling out 'well done' when going around the route. 

At the 8.5 mile point I have a small gulp of water at the water stop. I feel hydrated enough so only need to have small amounts. Back left down Sea Lane and onto the front again towards the clock counter near the start and over the mat. my chip bleeps. 1:08 I can see on the clock when I pass through. 

LAP 3:
Mile 11-15 Min/mile pace:
6:45 6:45 6:25 6:24 6:18

Up the same road and I can spot Sunday standing by the car, again taking pictures. 'Two left to go' I call out. 'Go Bosher' he shouts back. More claps and cheers from spectators and marshals dotted along the road side. I start to catch up with the slower back runners and over take from the road side so to give them plenty of room. 

Once I reach Goring road going pass some of the local shops I spot a lady in pink shoes with matching cap. Slightly closer I can see it is Fiona running at a cracking pace, staying focused and steady. I creep up eventually at a 6:30min/mile pace, 'well done' we say to each other as I go pass. 

Further up the road at 13.5 mile I have another gulp of water thanking the team. I eat some dried dates I have on me.  Then left back on down towards the seafront, picking up pace, left again and up pass the clock counter, over the mat with a bleep from my chip. Three down and one last lap to go....

LAP 4:
Mile 16-20: Min/mile pace:
6:27 6:37 6:28 6:12 6:05

I am still feeling strong, anslight ache developing in my feet and quads but I feel I can speed up the pace slightly enough for this last lap. Again I pass Sunday 'one left to go' I say when I pass. I can start to see more of the runners from the back of the pack and can spot Chloe. As I approach I call out 'go Chloe, well done' when I pass. She is looking strong and really in the zone.

Heading back up George V avenue for one last time, clapping and encouragement from the same marshals when I pass. Back on around to Goring road. Another gulp of water with some chocolate coffee beans at mile 18.5. I over take a few of the faster runners from nearer the front now, picking up my pace to 6:12min/mile.

A left onto Sea Lane for the final leg towards Goring Gap. The last mile I am trying with all my strength left in my legs to go a 6:05min/mile. Fighting against the harsh, bitter wind, it feels like I am just crawling along. I pull my buff to cover my face just exposing my eyes, looking like a right Ninja. Keeping my head down I push as hard as I can towards the strong wind.

Back over the chip mat and then a left up the path towards the start area. Once around the corner I can see Sunday, my sister and dad who made it here to see me finish. Just as I approach I can hear my name called through the loud speaker. I give a thumbs up to the photographer as I pass over the finish line and give my dad a ‘high five’.

11:13: I collect my medal and meet my support crew. Five minutes later we cheer Fiona through to the finish. Job done! BOSHED!

I finished in 2:12:59 in 17th position, of 478 runners. What can I say, I was feeling strong today!  So this means I can achieve my goal of a sub three-hour marathon at Brighton this year. I feel fantastic and on a ‘runner’s high’ at my result today. 

If only it wasn't as cold today, but a great experience overall and always nice to see so many over team Bosh runners taking part together.   

The next Bosh Run team meet will be Brighton Marathon and it is going to be an epic day! We are becoming quite the running family....



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