RECOMMENDED: Injinji toe socks

Today I wore my trusty Injinji toe socks that I purchased back in December. The socks have five separate toe pockets in them, so they fit like a glove for added comfort.

I've used ToeToe socks for some time as I wear Vibram Five Fingers and barefoot style shoes, but nothing can compare to the Injinji socks.  They keep the feet cool but let them breathe more so than other brands in my experience.  

The moisture wicking fibre keeps my toes dry in all conditions. With a little Vaseline between the toes and around the heels I am good to go! Since wearing this type of sock I have never had any blisters from marathons, training or Ultras - even when the sock has become wet.

Today I wore my Seal Skinz waterproof socks over these and I still felt like my feet could breathe and had enough movement and flexibility.

My Injinji Toe Socks were purchased from CLICK HERE

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